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Multi-language e-Learning course

Design and delivery of an interactive multi-language e-Learning course


Download: Multi-language e-Learning course case study (PDF, 1.04KB)


The Security Company (TSC) successfully designed and delivered an interactive multi-language e-Learning course to all 12,000 UCB Pharma (UCB) employees globally.  The course was translated into 12 different languages. 


The challenge


 To provide UCB employees with a mandatory security e-Learning course that:


  • Supported their understanding of UCB compliance requirements
  • Engaged employees through a combination of interactive, fun and inclusive learning techniques
  • Enabled increased levels of information retention with clear and concise content messages.




The aim of UCB's growth strategy is to develop their business by connecting science in new and innovative ways, by connecting people and connecting patients. Their aim is to become the patient-centric global biopharma leader. Given this, protection of their Intellectual Property (IP) is of utmost importance. This remains true for the research and development of IP as well as the safe sharing of IP with those that can use it for the greater good of people living with severe diseases.


Employee understanding and compliance with the rules and regulations that safeguard the company assets is therefore critical to achieving UCB's growth strategy. This is something recognised in their five key business enablers that include fostering connectivity; developing diverse (and connected) talent; ensuring compliance with rules and regulations; ruthlessly eliminating non-core activities; and reaching competitive profitability in the second half of this decade.




A stakeholder group was created to ensure the content of the e-Learning course met the compliance, learning and strategic needs of the organisation. Representatives included Learning and Development, Training, Brand, Internal Communications, Security, Technical and the senior sponsor.


Key learning points were agreed in order to achieve an effective and inclusive level of security understanding for all 12,000 employees.


 The course content consisted of six learning modules:


1. Understanding information classification

2. Using your computer securely

3. Working away from the office

4. Using email and internet securely

5. Working with external parties

6. Reporting security incidents


In order to successfully engage employees with learning the security focussed subject matter, the course was designed to provide them with a series of learning messages followed by scenarios to be solved. Each interactive scenario contained a short humorous animation delivering the key learning messages and was followed with a selection of questions to test understanding.


The series of scenarios combined to tell an overall story which was designed to assist with information retention. Feedback received from those who took part supported that it was the moral of the story that aided employees to remember the security messages and associated behaviour required of them.


A global reach


The e-Learning course was supplied by TSC, translated from English into 12 different languages:


  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish


Having delivered a number of global projects TSC was able to guarantee the integrity and accuracy of the content whilst ensuring the translation still conveyed the messages in a manner suited to the local culture. Working with local security experts in each of the different countries, the e-Learning course was put through a vigorous review process prior to its launch to confirm that the content was properly aligned.


The results


The statistical analysis of the results from those completing the e-Learning course was an important element of the project. The output is being recorded for compliance, audit and HR purposes; with Line Managers integrating it as part of the personal development programmes.


UCB launched the e-Learning course in November 2012. 83% of employees completed the course within six months of its launch.


Qualitative feedback obtained through the stakeholder group fell into three distinct areas:


  • Learning: It was confirmed that the use of animations within the e-Learning course had been positive in engaging their employees in the subject matter. The user-friendly and interactive nature of the course combined with scenario solving activities and storytelling also proved successful in helping information retention of key messages.
  • Content:  Access to TSC's portfolio of content, established through delivering security learning over the last 15 years, allowed for the ease, speed and accuracy of e-Learning content creation.  Aligned with UCB's tone of voice and company vision, the clear and concise messages were well received and easy to understand.
  • Stakeholder management: The creation of the stakeholder group ensured that key business objectives and learning requirements were included in the course content. Clearly defined objectives and representative roles were outlined and agreed from the start. This proved fruitful in delivering the project on time and to the highest standard with full business support, and ensured the content expectations were met.




"I have been working with The Security Company since September 2011 regarding the development of security training and awareness solutions for UCB. This includes the creation of our multi-language e-Learning course."


"It is clear that they are experts in the field of behavioural change and this has been a valuable asset throughout the creation of the e-Learning course. I have been very impressed by their levels of creativity and knowledge of security awareness, making this difficult subject interesting and engaging for our employees." 


Jochum Skaarenborg -Associate Director and IT Risk and Security Officer, UCB